Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bad bad day ... ... Happened !!

Thursday, March 17th, 2011.

I dont know what you call this ... a coincidence... a bad sequence ...  whatever..
But this is what happened with me today .... 

Thursday Morning ... I was all excited to go home today afternoon for celebrating Holi with my family. Went in early in the morning to office ... and planned to leave at 1:00 P.M. to catch 3:25 P.M. train from Nizamuddin station.

Somehow I thought leaving office at 1:00 P.M. would be a bit too early so I decided to leave at 1:30. I didnt realized that was the start of my troubles for the day.
I calculated this would still give me more than enough time to reach station as it hardly takes 20-25 minutes to reach station through a Bus and hardly 8-10 mins to reach my home from office.

Everything was planned - I'll leave office by 1:30 - reach home by 1:40 - pick up the bags and leave for bus stand - hopefully would catch bus maximum by 2:00 or 2:10 - would reach station by 2:35 - have some masstt lunch at Comesum - and then acquire my seat in the train by 3:10 - train would depart at 3:25 as per the schedule.
(Well .. nothing actually happened as per the plan except the last part - that the train departed dot on 3:25 as per the schedule)

So all excited and all happy, I left office at 1:30 and reached home ... only to realize that I do not have my house keys !! Damn !! We have only 2 keys - 1 usually remains with me and the other one with my roomie. I carry it every single day - its just that I didnt carried it today - I thought never mind - my roomie's parents have just arrived 2 days back to spend some time with him .. so I thought they would be home. But NO, they were not!!
I thought okay .. no worries... I called up my roomie:

Me: Hey dude ... Shantanu here. Accha listen ... I forgot my keys today man .. and I have to catch a train in another 1.5 hours ... house is locked. Are your parents away somewhere? 
Roomie: Ya, they've gone to Akshardham today !! 
Me: (:-O Kat gaya .. !! shitt ..  ) ohh .. okay .. when will they return?
Roomie: Evening 6 'O' clock 
Me: (Damn !! ) oh no ... okay .. never mind .. I can go to Akshardham and collect the keys from them. I have my bike and its not that far. Can you please call them and check if they can come to the gate and hand me the key?
Roomie: Sure... give me 2 mins .. i'll call them and check .
... ... ... .........roomie rings back after 3 mins........ ... ... 
Roomie: Dude ... I tried ... but their phone is coming switched off !! 
Me: (:-O dumbstruck... now what do i do?? )
Roomie: I'll keep calling them and would let you know as soon as I contact them.
Me: Sure .. plz do .. Thanx !

Now as I stand there thinking what to be done, I started picturizing that for the first time ever I'll have to go home completely empty handed - not even my clothes (apart from those that I was wearing), laptop, no bags nothing at all.
Okay .... so a second thought with a cool mind gave me something. Right .. I'll call a key-maker home to get the keys done. I asked my society guard if I can find such a key-maker who'll come home with me and make the key and he said yes and he is nearby. I sighed a breath of relief. 

Good, so I got this key-maker home with me who made the key within no time and I was happy. Finally, problem resolved I thought.... but wait.. really? Lets see.

I reached bus stand and waited there for almost 45 minutes before I made up my mind to accept the fact that not even a single bus for my destination turned up in the last 45 minutes and they aren't going to. I mean come-on .. this is not done .. this bus has a running frequency of every 10 minutes... how the hell can they not turn up for 45 minutes at one stretch ?? !! To make things worse, it was already 2:45. So I decided to take an auto. 
Obviously, finding and settling an auto from Noida to Nizamuddin is not that easy. After few arguments, 1 auto wallah agreed to take me for Rs. 120. I was like ... 'Thank God! Now I'll reach there at the max by 3:05 - 3:10 (which was still okay since my train was supposed to depart at 3:25). I was finally relaxed.

"O Really ?? think again.. "  life said to me and auto wala stopped at Delhi - Noida border. With each incident happening my irritation levels were reaching newer heights.

It turned out that there is some sort of cold war between Delhi & Noida auto wallahs werein they both cannot enter each other's territories. So what happened? Nothing much .. I was simply asked to shift to another auto which was okay... just the Bad Part was that the entire process of shifting and argument and rate setting between both auto - wallahs and getting another shared occupant in my auto took just another 12-15 mins. !! Damn man !! Ye sab aaj hi hona tha ?? 

This was the point when I accepted the fact that my day was actually going bad today and there is no hope for it getting any better. With this acceptance, I got prepared for worse things to come.

I finally reached station at 3:14 sharp and I rushed to the platform .. being a little relieved that I have another 11 minutes before the train leaves. Reaching platform hardly took a minute and there I was at at the platform at 3:15 !

I saw 2 trains standing on each side of the platform - both holding the boards "Nizamuddin - Jabalpur" ... I asked TTE standing near one of the trains .. "sir... ye Jhansi jaaney waali Gondwana hai? " he said " yes yes yehi hai " ... hearing this i was relaxed ... finally .. its 10 mins. before train leaves and I have arrived !! Nice & Sweet ! 
I started walking ahead to find where my B1 coach was. When I reached there I was a little surprised to see that it was locked... actually the entire train was locked from inside. It wasn't open till now. Moreover there were no reservation charts stuck on each bogie till now. 
This was a little strange as the trains are usually open and ready with reservation charts on them around 25-30 mins. before departure. Anywayz .. I stood there waiting for the doors to open. I waited .. waited .. and waited as the clock ticked by... and started getting a bit worried now ... thinking "what might go wrong NOW ?? "
I noticed there were no announcements for my train getting delayed or something like that. "what the hell " I thought. "How can my train depart on exactly right time when even the doors are not yet opened till now ... and on top of it these guyz are not even announcing that it'll get delayed?? Idiots"
Just then a man appeared out of nowhere sticking reservation charts on each bogie of the train one-at-a-time. I looked into my watch and it was exactly 3:25 when the reservation chart was stuck on the bogie in front of me. I looked at it to find my name but couldn't find. SO I thought maybe I should look for another B1 bogie as Gondwana has 2 sets of trains combined in one. Before leaving for another B1 I looked at the top of the chart to confirm the train name and it said ... 'Mahakaushal Express' !!! :-O DAMN !!!!!! "Mahakaushal ??? Wherez Gondwana then ?? " with this running in mind I turned back and saw another train just leaving from the other side of the same platform ... its sign board read "Nizamuddin - Jabalpur = Gondwana Exp" !!!!!! "WHAT THE F*** " I said to myself .. and rushed towards it. 
With laptop on shoulder and a big bag in hand while running alongwith that train I asked a person standing at the door of the moving train... "Jhansi .. Jhansi jaaney wali Gondwana yehi hai .. ?? Jhansi jaayegi na ?? " ... and the Uncle Jie at the door replied .. " haan haan yehi hai .. "

As I struggled to get onto the moving train which has obviously gathered quite a good amount of speed by now, Uncle Jie at the door stretched his hand towards me and helped me getting onto that speeding train .. " aa jaao beta aa jaao .. araam se .. ". 
Finally .. I got onto the train ... and the very first thing I asked people after getting onto it was "Gondwana .. Jhansi jaayegi na ... pakka? " People looked at me with a slight surprise as they assured me that this was the one which goes to Jhansi ... but I couldn't help asking this again and again as I was so shocked with the series of incidents that happened to me since the start of the day today. :(

"Thank you Uncle Jie ... Thank you very much for helping me getting onto the train .. " I thanked that kind Uncle Ji who helped me get onto that running train. 

I took a while to recollect myself and then started analysing the things. 
I realized I had boarded A2 coach which was located towards the end of the train. I enquired the TTE present there about my coach and he said its located at the start of the train ... and there were almost 20 coaches in between. "Oh no ... not again .." I said... "anywayz .. I'll start walking slowly slowly ... thodi der mein pahunch jaaounga ... atleast train mein to chadd gaya".
With this statement I started walking when the TTE told me from behind ... "haan chaley jaao ... atleast aagey ke 6-8 coches to connected hain ... but uskey aagey band hai. Station pe gaadi rukegi to baaki utar ke cross kar lena." ... "What ?? " I said ... "the train is not connected uptill my coach?? " 

TTE said "no .,.. there are 2 general coaches in between as a result of which there is this disconnection"
"All right .. and which is the immediate next station where I can change? " I asked.... and TTE replied " immediate next stoppage is Mathura... almost 2 - 2.5 hrs from now ...  train won't stop anywhere before that !! " :( :(( :(((

What would have happened next is pretty much predictable. Yes .. I had to spend some 1 - 2 hrs. sitting in sleeper coach untill the train stopped somewhere on the outer where I got off and ran to my coach. 

Later on when I thought of it, I realized, that incidentally the TTE (from whom I asked if that was the right train at the station) didn't heard me completely. He heard only the first part of my question - "Jhansi jaaney wali... " and ignored the second part of my question - ".. Gondwana yehi hai? " Thats why he guided me towards the wrong train... and both the trains had the destination station as 'Jabalpur' via 'Jhansi'... .which made things worse while adding to my belief that I was standing in front of the right train. :)

Now can anyone tell me ... what do you call all this? Just a series of bad co-incidences .. or someone did some bad spell on me for this day ... or is it something else ?? 
I dont know.... I was just happy to finally reach home to be with my parents ... and thankful for being fully alive and unharmed .. and in 1 piece with all my luggage.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life... is a series of changes...

Life ... is a series of changes... some good.. some bad... some wonderful.. some disastrous... some breath-taking.. some breath-holding...
... some in which moments stand still like hours... and some in which hours flash through quickly like moments...
Life ... is a series of changes...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Enough of thinking... Its now time to Act on 'What I Always Wanted' !

No sugar coated words to say - but just an honest statement -- I love teaching children and have taught them once in my school(in 2000) as a part of teaching competition. After that I never got a chance to do it again.
Since then (when i got prize in teaching competition) I always wanted to be attached with teaching in some way or the other – rather always wanted to teach some poor and needy kids who cannot afford education but are willing to learn if someone provides them the education; but this could not be materialized as I got caught up in the rat race of life – high-profile-job – money etc.
I see this opportunity now with TOI’s “Teach India” initiative… and I want to grab it right away !!

Monday, December 24, 2007

The "Happy Feeling"

Of late I've been watching the air-planes fly in and fly out of the Bangalore skies ... me sitting in the balcony at 11 in the night .. looking at the path-way the air borne planes take ... sometimes trying to track them ... and some times - simply looking at them - adoring them.
Dont exactly remember when, but I started realizing that I have developed a kind of interest in this flying machine --- gave a deeper thought to it ... and discovered ... its the interest for "flying the machines" ... rather than "the flying machine" itslef !!
It was then that I started observing those flying objetcs closely - I used to sit in the balcony of my house at 11 - 11:30 in the night after returning from the office and watch them fly in and fly out -- I felt good doing that :)
But this "goodness feeling" didn't lasted for long - it was short lived.. rather very short lived - only for a couple of days. After experiencing the so called "good feeling" for 3 days ... the 4th day I didn't felt so good. I didn't sit there for long also ... came back to my bed ... and slept thinking what happened ... why ... why is it that I m not feeling "happy" today ... after watching so many machines .....
There was something .. something strange ... something not usual ... something that didn't gave me a satisfied feeling ... something which was starting to make me feel uncomfortable ... ....

Next day morning I woke up with a clear mind ... didn't tried to recall .. or rather .. didn't got a chance to recall what happened last night. The reason being the busy schedule of an IT professional ... thats me --- get up 10-15 minutes late from the scheduled time ... get busy doing the daily morning activities - brush ur teeth without wanting to ... see if theres some 5-10 minutes extra today - if yes then do the shaving else forget it - will see tomorrow morning... take bath qucikly ... think which shirt to wear today while taking the bath ... do the pooja within a minute - as if doing a favour to God ... get back to the kitchen - fill the plate with the so called "tasty" breakfast and have it while getting ready for office.
Finally ... pick up the helmet and vrrrroommm - off to office ... !!!
Yes .. thats my daily morning schedule. Now YOU tell me dear sir/mam ... how would you expect a person to remember anything that happened to him last night; or any thoughts which passed through his mind just before going to bed last night... among this busy morning schedule??
This day went fine ... came back to home in the night and sat in the balcony all alone at around 11 'O'clock after having dinner. One amazing thing to notice here is that although I didn't even thought about anything today morning and throughout the day... but the moment I step out of office late in the evening and start my bike for riding back home ... the thoughts .. which I had last night ... starts coming to the mind again ... It starts with a single thought .. which continues to multiply itself as I ride towards home. By the time I reach home it feels like my head is fully loaded with all these thoughts ... there's just no space for any other thought to get in ... it just can't accomodate with these - the flying machine thoughts.
And inspite of the fact that my head is overflowing with the thoughts ... I still feel the lightness in my mind ... these thoughts ... though heavy .. yet make me feel very light and happy ... when my mind if full of them. Its not only my mind ... but the entire body of mine ... filled up with these thoughts ...
Scientifically its proven, that head is the heaviest part of the human body ... but with all the loaded thoughts of flying machines in my mind ... I defy the scientific theory... I instantly feel as if my head is the lightest part of my body.... thats me .. when I stop my bike in front of the house in the night to call it the end of the day ...
But hey .. hold on ... its not the end of the day yet ... there's still another activity pending .. which I need to complete before I call it a day ... and that is sitting in the balcony .. watching the aircrafts fly through the dark blue skies !

Today is the 4th day since I realized my interest & liking towards those flying objects; and started feeling the so called "happy" feeling after doing the last activity of my day ... i.e. watching the airships fly across the blue ocean called SKY !!
Today is the day which is going to be a bit more memorable than the other usual ones .... today is the day which would make me realize something else ... something apart from the happy feeling .... today is the day which would put up a question mark on my "happy feeling" ... and who knows ... this could be the day which "might" change my life ... and my future ahead .... which "might" make me remember this day for the whole of my life .....
today is the day ....

(to be continued...)